SiPalto Broadband.

Voice optimised broadband ensuring you never lose a call, our uncontended network means there are no speed reductions during periods of high traffic activity, you get the premium service you expect 24/7.

Built on quality, SiPalto broadband is delivered over the best broadband network in the UK ensuring the highest quality service at all times.

SiPalto Broadband has been designed to be reliable, and as fast as it can possibly be, supplied with the very best Cisco routers, there are no hidden catches or small print. You are really getting the best business broadband available.

We keep things simple, choose from one of our simple packages & start enjoying the unparalleled broadband service your company expects.

Ordering is easy, call our Sales Hotline to place an order.

SiPalto Lite
ADSL 2+ Broadband
SiPalto Pro
ADSL 2+ Broadband
SiPalto FTTC
Fibre Optic Broadband
Contention Ratio Highest Data Priority Highest Data Priority Highest Data Priority
Download Speed 20Mb 20Mb 80Mb
Upload Speed 1.3Mb 2.5Mb 20Mb
Usage 100GB 250GB Unlimited
Monthly £29.99 £49.99 £59.99

+ Plus Setup Charge. SiPalto Broadband Lite, Pro & FTTC: £74.99 including pre-configured wireless router, £49.99 without router.

++ £49.99 migration charge applies when transfering your existing broadband to SiPalto.

+++ 6 months initial contract term, then 1 month rolling contract.

* Speed is dependent on capability of the line.

** Setup or transfer lead time: 5 - 10 working days.

The benefits of SiPalto Broadband.

Greater coverage – our network covers every exchange in the UK which means we can always provide a business grade broadband service to you.

1:1 contention – broadband without small print, 1:1 contention means you don't share your SiPalto Broadband service with any other broadband users at peak times.

Unlimited bandwidth – no bandwidth limits or fair usage limits ever, you always get unlimited usage and the fastest speed possible in your area.

More IP Addresses – no limit to the number of IP addresses available to you.

Reliable hardware – we don't skimp on quality, we always supply the best hardware to ensure the reliable service your business depends on.

Voice Optimised – always the best voice calls, VoIP gets the highest priority over our network.

As well as migrating your broadband to SiPalto for free you can also transfer your existing analogue lines completely free of charge, or order new ones from us, and have all your telecoms services all from one provider.


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