SiP Cloud.

  • Feature-rich phone system without expensive new investment.
  • Ideal for small, medium and large businesses with multiple sites.
  • Free site-to-site calls save you money.
  • Fully managed installation and on-going support included in price.
  • Includes valuable options for business continuity.
What is SiP Cloud?

SiP Cloud is a hosted VoIP telephone system designed for single and multi-site businesses that offers powerful PBX features to reduce your total costs and improve the productivity and image of your business.

Hosted VoIP telephony gives you number portability and flexibility, so you can take your number with you regardless of location, or provide a number of full UK area codes from one location. You get ‘big office phone system’ features such as call forwarding, company directory and remote home access, which all help in projecting a professional image for your company.

Delivered with assured connectivity, onsite installation, training and on-going support, so if you’re looking for a feature rich hosted telephone system which provides all the benefits of IP Telephony with the minimal hassle, SiP Cloud is the solution for you.

Who is it for?

SiP Cloud is ideal for companies with multiple sites. It can scale with your needs and is capable of supporting organisations with over a thousand employees.

Suitable for serviced offices, Public Sector, retailers, schools, taxi firms, estate agents, solicitors, car dealerships and many others.

Businesses looking for a feature-rich hosted telephony system providing all the benefits of VoIP telephony with minimal hassle.

SiP Cloud is provided with the latest Cisco handsets. Choose the phone that is right for your organisation - download our handset sheet with all the features on the Cisco phones that are available with this service.

SiP Cloud is your first and simplest step into Hosted IP Telephony, and provides a powerful, fully-featured, cost-effective telephone system as an alternative to an expensive onsite PBX system, SiP Cloud will enhance call management performance and save you money.


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