SiP Connect.

  • SiP Connect is the UK’s market-leading SIP Trunking solution.
  • Ideal for small, medium and large businesses with multiple sites.
  • Free site-to-site calls save you money.
  • Fully managed installation and on-going support included in price.
  • A cost effective replacement for traditional ISDN.
What is SiP Connect?

SIP Trunking provides a highly flexible alternative to ISDN solutions and is designed to work successfully with all leading IP PBX brands in the UK market, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your PBX hardware works with the network service.

SiP Connect allows you to connect to the SiPalto network via an IP connection and compared to ISDN, is cheaper on a per channel basis, more flexible in terms of what telephone numbers you have and where you can have them, is quicker to install and offers a very robust business continuity service that ensures your business never loses your calls.

The service can support connections ranging from two channels for small businesses with small PBXs to no limit on the number of channels that can be supported for large enterprises and contact centres.

Who is it for?

SiP Connect is ideal for companies with multiple sites. It can scale easily and with your needs and is capable of supporting organisations with any number of employees.

Companies looking to utilise their existing PBX and internal infrastructure but reduce monthly connection charges, calling costs and maintenance fees.

Companies who want to benefit from the feature rich advantages of VoIP such as online and instant call records & bills, self-managed call forwarding and number diversion.

SiPalto provides a market-leading SIP Trunking solution called SiP Connect, connecting your site directly into the SiPalto network via an IP connection to carry and terminate your inbound and outbound calls across the public telephone network.


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