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No matter if you're on desktop or mobile, you're always connected to your team & your customers.

With the SiPalto App your business phone system works wherever you work, however you work.

VoIP App

Built for Business

Platform Agnostic

The Sipalto app works across all platforms to ensure your team can work the way they’re used to, with all the same features available on every OS.

Bring Your Own Device

Users can download the App to their own devices and be up and running in minutes, if some one leaves your company, instantly lock them out.

Secure By Design

Built using WebRTC technology, every element of the Sipalto App has been developed with encryption and security within its core design.

Frequent Updates

Receive regular feature updates & app enhancements without the need to download a new version and without any service disruption.

Bulk Deployment

Your IT team can deploy the Sipalto App across your entire organisation using our .msi installer. Perfect for silent installs and mass roll outs.

Central Management

Manage every user via the SIP Cloud dashboard ensuring you have full visibility and control over your team and the devices they connect with.

Features of the Desktop App

Click 2 Dial
Call Recording
Gobal Contacts
1 User, Every Device

With the Sipalto App licence every user is enabled on all devices allowing them to work the way they choose to, whenever they choose to; desk phone, cordless phone, desktop app and mobile app.

Unlimited Contacts

Save and search your own contacts on the app as well as search company wide contacts, any contacts you add move across all app versions with you (WebRTC, desktop and mobile).

Team Presence

View the status of all your colleagues no matter where they’re located. You can see if they’re online or offline, available, busy or currently on another call before calling or transferring a call to them.

Itemised Call History

Search or look back over the calls you’ve placed, received or missed. Click on a number in your call history to call back and play back or download your call recordings.

1-Click Functions

In-calling options have been re-imagined to ensure only 1 button press is needed to launch critical functions such as call transfer, there's no need to click through different options like on other apps.

Encrypted Calling

All calls made or received using the Sipalto App are secured by AES-256 encryption, ensuring your calls are completely secure and your business is safe from eves-droppers and other cyber threats.

Works with all the leading headset vendors

Yealink Logitech Jabra EPOS Poly

Same functionality, but on mobile

Sipalto App for Android & iOS has the same functionality as the desktop app but in a slimmed down version, ensuring you can continue to work effectively in exactly the same way on mobile.

Designed to be light weight and incredibly fast, the mobile app works well on both high and low-end mobile devices, on both wifi and 5G without draining battery or other mobile resources.

Mobile VoIP App

Download the Sipalto App to your device.

Download VoIP App Windows Download VoIP App Mac WebRTC App

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