Call Rates.

Reduce your monthly call costs with SiPalto's discounted rates, the premium service you choose at a price you expect.

SiPalto only use the best UK & global routes to ensure your calls are connected first time, everytime and with crystal clear quality, we never skimp on quality and always work to keep call costs down.

UK Call Rates

Cost per minute

Weekend   p
Off Peak   p
Peak   p

Peak: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm,  Off-Peak: All other times.
Weekend: Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday.

International Call Rates

Cost per minute


International calls are charged at the same rate at all times.


  • All prices are quoted in pence per minute (excluding VAT).
  • Calls are billed per second.
  • Minimum call charge is 1 pence.
  • International charging categories listed as 'Special' include non-geographic numbers in that country.
  • SiPalto do not charge a connection fee.


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