SiPalto for Charities

Working to offer an affordable service to charities.

Having worked closely with charitable organisations in the past, we understand their dynamics and the difficulties they often face, particularly where funding is concerned.

SiPalto can offer a phone service tailored to charities, as well as continuing to increase our SiP Cloud and SiP Connect feature list at no extra cost, and continuing to drive down our prices where ever possible, we offer these 2 products to all charities at a 25% discount.

You will need to pay the normal price for any calls you make and any optional equipment you wish to use, but you will receive 25% off the charge of any rental for as long as you wish to keep the service.

To qualify, you need to be a registered charity and based in the UK.

For more information contact us to discuss your requirements and to see what SiPalto can do for your organisation.

Over the past 10 years members of SiPalto have worked with very large to very small charities offering communication services that meet their unique organisational needs.


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