SiP Cloud Features.

SiP Cloud comes with a comprehensive list of features, such as Call Transfer, Music on Hold, Auto Attendant, Voicemail & Voicemail to Email, Call Recording and many more. From day one you will have a system that delivers all the current features plus tomorrow’s as they become available. This is the communications system that grows with you.

SiP Cloud Features

Extension Dialling

Dial another user’s 3 digit extension to speak to them or transfer a call to them.

Call Transfer

Transfer a call to anyone in or outside of your office, you can transfer to another office extension, landline or even to a mobile.

Call Pickup

Answer any ringing phone in your office via your own handset. You can pick up the call by dialling a short code on the handset nearest you, and the call will be automatically diverted to your phone.

Free Site to Site Calls

Calls between SiPalto users are free, even if they are located in a separate office, city or even a different country.

Music on Hold

Use our standard tracks or upload your own music to play when callers are waiting for you to answer a call or when they are placed on hold.

Call Hold

If you need to ask a colleague a question or leave your phone to check a query you can put a caller on hold at the push of a button, they will hear on-hold music until you are ready to resume the call.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Direct callers to the most appropriate person or department by giving them a number of options – e.g. 'Press 1 for support', 'for accounts, press 2' etc.

Time-Based Routing

Specify time intervals to use with various other features, such as inbound call routing or call forwarding. Have calls sent to an out of hour’s service when your office is closed or to your mobile when you’re out to lunch.

Call Queue

Callers will be greeted with a welcome message and played music (or your own marketing message) until their call is answered. Change the maximum time a caller should wait in the queue and have those calls transferred out somewhere else to avoid unhappy customers.

Ring Group

Have calls ring on multiple phones at the same time, or cascade around from one to another. If one or more phones are busy the others will still ring.

Call Recording

Record your calls for legal or training purposes. Your recordings are saved for up to 12 months, allowing you to play them back or download them whenever needed.


Allow callers to leave a voicemail when you are away from your phone or busy.

Voicemail to Email

Have voicemails emailed to your as an MP3 attachment.

Three-Way Calling

Connect 2 other callers to a conversation and have a 3 way call just as if you were all in the same room.

Conference Calling

Have your staff and clients dial your own dedicated conference number and speak to up to 20 attendees at the same time.

Video Calling

Make a video call in the same way as a normal phone call with any video enabled device.

Fax to Email

Faxes you receive are emailed to your inbox as a PDF attachment.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to an external landline, mobile or simply another extension on your system.

Follow Me

Have your calls follow you wherever you are. No need to remember to set up call forwarding, calls simply ring in multiple places (e.g. office, home and mobile) at the same time.

Caller ID Withhold

Withhold your number when making an outbound call.

Caller Display

See who's calling before you answer.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Automatically reject callers who withhold their number.

Speed Dialling

Add speed dials to the numbers you call the most; all speed dials you add to your system will be available from any of your phones.

Live Call Reports

Get up to the minute online call reports, including full call history and call costs. Export as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) or CSV file whenever you need them.

Web Based Management Portal

Manage your phone system easily, make changes quickly and check your itemised billing at any time via the intuitive online portal.

Moving your office telecommunications to SiP Cloud isn't just about saving money on calls. Smart companies make the transition for many other reasons. This includes improved business communication, customer service, self management, and increased employee productivity, mobility and future-proofing.


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