How does it work?

SiP Cloud works over IP connectivity (typically broadband) which is dedicated to the voice service for quality purposes. The service does not touch the public internet – it is a business grade service designed for flexible, high quality communications and all features of the service are hosted on the SiPalto network freeing up space for you, with no additional cost of maintenance, secure locations, or accidental damage to your phone system.

The benefits of SiP Cloud.

No PBX required – Minimal equipment on site allowing you to maximise your office space and eliminate the number of expensive engineer visits.

Fully bundled features – All the features of a PBX solution at one fixed cost.

Future proof your system – Hosted nature of the system means any upgrades or enhanced system functionality is immediately available to your system without the need to pay additional upgrade costs or change equipment.

Lower call costs – All the benefits of IP Telephony, from free site-to-site calls to cheaper A-Z rates.

Reduced connectivity charges – An access solution provided over a single analogue line, providing the ability to remove expensive ISDN connections.

Scalable for new employees – Immediately scalable to offer new employees their own customisable user profile.

Easy to use web interface – Puts you in complete control of your phone system and call management with expert training and support available. Add new users in minutes (not days), all under your control.

Number flexibility – Have geographical numbers delivered anywhere within your business, no matter where you are located.


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