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With over 1000 features from auto attendant to voicemail-to-email, SiP Cloud enables you to deliver exceptional service to your customers as well as enhance the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your employees.


Incorporating every traditional phone system feature, and super charging them with the power of the cloud ensures you can continue working the way you’re used to, but with all the benefits of the latest options and free system updates for life.

Extension Dialling

Dial another user’s extension to speak to them, users can also dial the extension number of staff based in other offices.

Call Transfer – Attended & Blind

Transfer a call to anyone inside or outside of your office, and check to see if their free before putting the call through, you can transfer to another office extension, a landline number or even to a mobile.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to an external landline, mobile or simply another extension in your office.

Ring Groups

Have calls ring on multiple phones at the same time, or cascade around from one to another. If one or more phones are busy the others will still ring.

Call Waiting

Get notified when a second call is coming in, by seeing the second caller’s number flash up on your screen. You will also hear an audible beep via the handset.

Music on Hold

Use our standard audio, or upload your own music or professional marketing to play when callers are waiting for you to answer a call or when they are placed on hold.

Auto Attendant

Direct callers to the most appropriate person or department by giving them a number of options – e.g. 'Press 1 for support', 'for accounts, press 2' etc.

Time-Based Call Routing

Route calls depending on the time of day. Have calls sent to a closed message or 3rd party service when your office is closed or to your mobile when you’re out to lunch. You can set up unlimited scenarios based on time of day, day of week, or even one off dates such as bank holidays.

Day Mode / Night Mode

Set a day/night mode button on your handset to manually switch the system to night mode when the last person leaves, and back to day mode when the first person arrives in the morning.

Call Pickup

Answer any other ringing phone in your office from your own handset, and ensure calls don’t get missed. You can set companywide or departmental pickup groups.

Call Park

Call parking allows a person to put a call on hold from one phone, and continue the conversation from any other phone. The caller hears music on hold until the call is resumed.


Allow callers to leave a voicemail when you are away from your phone or busy, and set up department voicemails which will alert all users.

Transfer to Voicemail

If a colleague is not available, transfer a call directly to their voicemail so that the caller can leave a message directly with them.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails are emailed directly into your inbox as an MP3 attachment, and/or have them transcribed so you can read them whilst on the move.


Send faxes via our dashboard by uploading your file and pressing send. Any fax that comes in will be converted to PDF and emailed to the inbox of your choice.

Caller Display

See the caller’s number before you answer.

Anonymous Call Rejection

The system can automatically reject callers who withhold their number.

Caller ID Black List

Add nuisance callers to the blacklist, any future calls to you will be rejected.

Speed Dials

Add speed dials to the numbers you call the most; all speed dials you add to your system will be available from any of your phones.

Call Whisper

Assist with training or sales with Call Whisper, listen and speak to your colleague during their call without the external caller hearing you.

Call Barge

Assist with training or sales by adding yourself into a call an existing all, turning it into a 3-way conference call.

Call Spy

Listen to live calls without either party hearing you.

Hot Desking

Login to any phone in your office and your extension profile will sync to that phone, make and receive calls with your extension number, make outbound calls with your DDI, and listen to your own voicemails.

Call Queues

Accept more calls and automatically route to the correct skill based agent, announce callers position in the queue and sync to our wallboard for powerful real time monitoring.


Make 2-way phone announcements via any desk phone to colleagues throughout your office.


Make 1-way announcements to any phone or loud speaker system, typically used in hospitals, schools, garden centres or any other location which use speaker systems for announcements.


You have complete control over your system. Make changes to users, set up call routing, reboot or update phones, view your itemised calls as they happen, view and download analytics or pre-defined reports plus much more all from the dashboard.

Local Numbers

Pick numbers which are right for your business, we supply every area code in the UK as well as non-geographical 0330 and Freephone 0800 numbers.

Move Your Numbers

Seamlessly port your numbers to SiPalto. We take care of the entire porting process and keep you up to date along the way. We ensure a seamless change over.

Administrator Dashboard

All features and settings are managed via our online dashboard, there is no setting we can do that you can’t, you have complete control over your system.

User Dashboard

Let users login and make basic changes to their own extension, they can view their own call history, as well as listen back to their own call recordings.

Remote Phone Management

Manage all desk phones remotely, you can swap extensions, set button keys, check connection status and upgrade or reboot phones all via the dashboard.

Call Quality Monitor

View the audio quality score on every call, allowing call quality issues to be troubleshooted quicker, you can even view which party hung up the call.


Taking you beyond a phone system, collaborate closely with your team with direct messaging, group messaging, file sharing, screen sharing and presence. Both from our mobile and desktop apps.

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows you to make and receive calls as if you were in the office, inbound calls come in as per your extension call settings, and outbound calls appear with your business phone number.

Desktop App

Our desktop app works in exactly the same way as our mobile app, make and receive calls via your computer using a headset and mic. You can use the App wherever you have an internet connection.

Mobile Twinning

Have your calls follow you wherever you are. No need to remember to set up call forwarding on your deskphone, calls simply ring your extension and mobile number at the same time.

Work From Home

For staff that prefer to use deskphones, they can simply take their deskphone home, plug it into the back of their home router, and the phone works just like in the office.


Invite colleagues, partners and customers to meet you in your own dedicated conference room, easily dial-in from a phone or our 1-click link for video meetings.

Video Conferencing

Invite up to 100 people with our one-click meeting link and host powerful HD video meetings all from within your browser. Impress attendees with our quick download free meetings.

Audio Conferencing

Setup unlimited audio conference rooms and invite participants to attend by dialling into a dedicated phone number. You can record the conference to listen back later.

Three-Way Calling

Connect two other callers to a conversation using your SiPalto deskphone or softphone App and have a 3-way call just as if you were all in the same room.

Five-Way Calling

Host a powerful 5-way audio call powered by your SiPalto conference phone, add attendees part way through the call, and view all attendees via the on-screen visual monitor.


Our analytics and interactive real time stats will give deep insight into your business, produce customised reports at the press of a button or use our live dashboard to help you work more efficiently.

In Depth Stats

View statistics on every user and every phone call, identify slow and busy periods and call performance such as number of missed calls or time to answer.

Powerful Reporting

Generate powerful call reports based on different system parameters and in just a few clicks have them automatically sent to you at any frequency; hourly, daily, monthly.

Itemised Call Spend

You don’t need to wait until the end of the month to receive your itemised phone bill, view your itemised call spend in real time via the dashboard, and download the data for use offline.

Real Time Wallboard

Managers or team leaders can monitor users and calls in real time, view who’s free or who’s on a call via our real time wallboard and real time agent monitor.

Call Recording

Record every call will confidence and store for up to 10 years. Listen back or download in just a few clicks via our dashboard. Our MiFID II compliant call recording is built directly into the system.


View the status of colleagues from your own phone, you’ll know whether they are free before calling them or transferring a call through. Perfect for the availability of a colleague.


System security and feature updates are included at no extra cost. We ensure every element of our service is safe and secure 24/7.

Call Encryption

Every call is fully encrypted, ensuring the transmission of call data is safe, secure and free from snoopers.

Automatic Fraud Protection

Our AI driven fraud prevention systems check every call to ensure calls from your system were really made from you. Suspicious calls are automatically flagged and blocked.

Country calling Limits

Limit calls to only the destinations your staff call, you can block all international calls or just certain destinations.

Automatic Hardware Updates

We keep your desk phones secure and up to date with the latest software releases and security patches. By working directly with the top hardware vendors, we’re the first to know about updates.

Roles and Permission

Assign roles or permissions to ensure users can only make changes or access the information they are supposed to.

Audit Trails

Our built in audit trails log all system changes with a time stamp, the changes made, and the user who made them.

From onboarding, to number porting, to training. Our dedicated team ensure a smooth transition over to SiPalto, and are always happy to help.

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