How does it work?

SIP Connect is SiPalto's SIP Trunking service. Connection from your site is via an IP connection, typically broadband, and is delivered as an end-to-end service with an availability guarantee, voice channel guarentees, and voice quality service assurances.

SIP Trunking is suitable for any size of business from small business to large enterprise and government organisations that currently have a PBX.

The benefits of SiP Connect.

Save money – IP connectivity costs significantly less than ISDN, free internal calls between extensions and offices (including international calls) and lower line rental costs for single or multi sites. Also, benefit from reduced call costs with SiPalto’s discount call rates.

Hot billing – instant online billing records and CDR’s (Call Date Records) lets you view your itemised records instantly.

Line rationalisation – reduce the number of analogue or ISDN lines, no limit of calls can be made per SIP Trunk.

Resilience – a phone service that will cope with any situation and give you 100% up time on your telephony.

Whether you need to keep your business running without expensive call forwarding costs in a disaster or emergency or you need to load balance your calls between sites during peak hours, SIP Trunking delivers.

Flexibility with your phone numbers – allows you to move office and keep your same geographic number without any on-going call forwarding costs and costs associated with new company stationary.

Business continuity – if your office has to be temporarily relocated in an emergency, this can quickly and cost effectively be achieved with SIP Trunking.

Voice and internet convergence – with SIP Trunking delivered over Ethernet, you can have both a high quality voice and data service all over one connection, giving you significant cost savings.


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