Lower call costs – All the benefits of IP Telephony, from free site-to-site calls to cheaper A-Z rates.

No PBX required – Minimal equipment on site allowing you to maximise your office space and eliminate the number of expensive engineer visits.

Easy to use web interface – Puts you in complete control of your phone system and call management with expert training and support available. Add new users in minutes (not days), all under your control.

Number flexibility – Have geographical numbers delivered anywhere within your business, no matter where you are located.

Fully bundled features – All the features of a PBX solution at one fixed cost.

SiPalto's Business Telephone System is designed for single and multi-site businesses offering powerful PBX features coupled with true cloud functionality to dramatically improve your communications and give you significant cost savings.

SiP Cloud works over IP connectivity (typically broadband) which is dedicated to the voice service for quality purposes. The service does not touch the public internet.

A premium grade service designed for flexible, high quality communications and all features of the service are hosted on the SiPalto network (in the cloud), freeing up space for you, with no additional cost of maintenance, secure locations, or accidental damage to your phone system.

Save money – IP connectivity costs significantly less than ISDN, including lower line rental costs for single or multi sites.

Lower call costs – Free internal calls between extensions and offices (including international calls) and reduced call costs with SiPalto's discount call rates.

Hot billing – Instant online billing records and CDR’s (Call Date Records) lets you view your itemised records instantly.

Number flexibility – Allows you to move office and keep your same geographic number without any on-going call forwarding costs.

Resilience – A phone service that will cope with any situation and give you 100% up time on your telephony.

SiPalto provides a market-leading SIP Trunking solution called SiP Connect, connect your site directly into the SiPalto network via an IP connection to carry and terminate your inbound and outbound calls across the public telephone network.

Compared to ISDN, SiP Connect is cheaper on a per channel basis, more flexible in terms of what telephone numbers you have and where you can have them, is quicker to install and offers a very robust continuity service which ensures you never lose a call.

SIP Trunking is suitable for any size of business from small business to large enterprise and government organisations that currently have a PBX.

Greater coverage – Our network covers every exchange in the UK which means we can always provide a business grade broadband service to you.

1:1 contention – Broadband without small print, 1:1 contention means you don't share your SiPalto Broadband service with any other broadband users at peak times.

Unlimited bandwidth – No bandwidth limits or fair usage limits ever, you always get unlimited usage and the fastest speed possible in your area.

Reliable hardware – We don't skimp on quality, we always supply the best hardware to ensure the reliable service your business depends on.

More IP Addresses – No limit to the number of IP addresses available to you.

A company built on quality, SiPalto broadband is delivered over the best broadband network in the UK ensuring the highest quality service at all times.

Voice optimised broadband ensuring you never lose a call, our uncontended network means there are no speed reductions during periods of high traffic activity, you get the premium service you expect 24/7.

Need more bandwidth? As well as our fast ADSL 2+ service, we provide ultra fast leased and fibre lines, mission critical failover and datacentre interconnects. If it involves telecoms we have the means to provide a b2b solution.


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